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Welcome to Arctic Savannahs and Bengals

We love savannah cats and bengals! Not because they are wild, which they are not, nor because they are huge, which they aren´t, but because they have personalities and charm and are different! The Bengal is your personal living-room leopard, the Savannah cat is your long-limbed cuddly friend with just a hint of the high-jump. They are, for better or worse, cats, and you just have to love them. And if you don´t like cats, work on it. Life´s not complete without them.

A great, big thank you to cat-people round the world who have helped and encouraged us: A1Savannahs, Azanabengals, Zallycats, Pureblissbengals and -savannahs, Kelams, Eriador-cats and all our other friends!