About Arctic Savannah Cats & Bengals

We are a husband and wife team with a few cats in our home trying to establish our own lines in the Bengal and Savannah cat breeds. In order to do this we have received a lot of help (both in the form of advice and cats) from Azanabengals (CAN) and Purebliss (GBR), and also from Eriador cats (GBR) and A1Savannahs (USA).

As the title page implies, we are working with two breeds: the Bengal and the Savannah cat. At present we are one of two Savannah cat breeders in Norway, while there are several Bengal breeders. We are not able to formulate grand opening statements, but will try our very best to produce fine cats in both breeds, and hopefully be able to document this at TICA shows. We have both brown-spotted Bengals and blue-eyed snows!

We have an interest in genetics, but in order to give a good introduction to Bengal (and cat) genetics, we would recommend having a look at Carol´s website, http://www.eriador-cats.com/eriador06/genes.html which we find to be excellent.

A1Savannahs have produced and delivered a large genetic variety in their cats, and when we look at the degree of inbreeding caused by genetic similarity in our original stock we find very little if any. The degree of genetic overlap between the different lines is surprisingly low, as is to be expected (!) from a professional breeder like A1Savannahs. Additionally, part of our breeding stock is the result of further refinement of the lines by Jackie and Tim at Purebliss, which adds to the genetic diversity.

For further information on our cats, please go to the respective pages, either Arcticsavannahs or Arcticbengals.

A big hug and thank you to Jacky Bliss at Pureblissbengals & -savannahs, to Martin and Kathrin at A1Savannahs, Sheila Love at Azanabengals and Rebecca Heslop at Zallycats for help with finding and breeding and getting hold of beautiful cats, as well as advice and help, and Anne Mette Larsen at Kelams for her wonderful cooperation on a breeding programme!