Savannah Cat Diet

No special diet is required for Savannah Cats, although many breeders believe in feeding only the best premium foods. An all natural diet is recommended with at least 32% protein – a diet that contains little grain content.A Raw meat diet is often viewed as superior to commercially prepared foods, but this is an individual preference.

Calcium in small quantities as well as taurine (in small amounts) may be added to the diet but usually if feeding a good quality food, added supplements should not be needed. Taurine supplements have often been recommended for most cat breeds. There are many excellent supplements on the market appropriate for adding to a commercial diet as well as a raw meat diet, such as Simply Raw, Oasis, Mazuri, Missing Link. Please follow your veterinarians suggestions with calcium as well as taurine as too much can be just as harmful as not enough .

It is very common for new kitten buyers to change the kitten’s diet after bringing the kitten home. This will often cause a new kitten to get diarrhea. Please DO NOT drastically change a kitten or an adult cat’s food diet. If your savannah kitten or cat gets diarrhea from a change in food only, you can feed cooked chicken breast meat to harden the stool. Cooked chicken should never be fed as a steady diet because it does not contain of the necessary vitamins and minerals that a cat requires. NEVER feed cooked chicken bones to a cat – the cooked bones can splinter. Savannah cats are extremely active and athletic – without any exercise or if overfed, they will gain weight. A high quality diet and plenty of exercise will make for a very happy and healthy Savannah cat!